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En 2013 fui en BOGOTA, COLOMBIA por solo 2 horas, pero la vi la linda cuidad, y grabamos un videos con Dekel Lazimi Lev y con muy simpatico local gente !
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EL FULL VIDEO EN 15 PAISES - medio millón de visitas - clic aquí: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6qIl...
In 2013 I was in BOGOTA, COLOMBIA for only two hours, but I saw the beautiful city, and we took a videos with Dekel Lazimi Lev and with really nice taxi driver
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THE FULL VIDEO IN 15 COUNTRIES - half a million views - click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6qIl...

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Imagina un mundo en el que la gente pudiera ser abiertamente gay sin sentirse preocupados por ello.
Imagina un mundo en el que no existiera homofobia. 
Todos somos seres humanos. No somos tan diferentes unos de otros. 
Imagina un mundo en el que no hubiera ninguna diferencia entre un matrimonio heterosexual y uno gay,
Porque el amor está por encima de todo. 
Y el amor es una experiencia humana.
Merezco poder compartir mi amor con mi persona especial.
No importa el país en el que vivamos. 
Todos somos humanos con los mismos problemas, miedos, pasiones, sueños. 
Y queremos hacer del mundo un mejor lugar. 
Juntos somos más fuertes.

Coming out is a difficult experience for all of us. There is a whole community out there that has been through it that can support you and understand your feelings. Moovz is inviting you to share your coming out story. Post it to the Moovz Moments feed and add the #ComingOut. By sharing your coming our story you never know who's life you are going to change.. Together - we are stronger.
My coming out story in Spanish:
My coming out story in Hebrew: 
Moovz and Davey Wavey are surprising A Gay Texas Mormon! :

“Salir del closet” es una experiencia difícil para muchos de nosotros. Hay toda una comunidad afuera que ya ha pasado por esto y entiende cómo te sientes. Moovz te invita a compartir tu historia sobre cómo saliste del closet. Postéala en el Feed de Moovz, en "Momentos" y agrega el hashtag #ComingOut. Compartiendo tu historia seguramente cambiarás alguna vida. No olvides que juntos somos más Fuertes.https://moovz.com/idan_matalon
Special thanks to Ivan de la Mariscal from Las Cruces New Mexico, US.
My coming out story in English:
My coming out story in Hebrew: 
Moovz and Davey Wavey are surprising A Gay Texas Mormon! :

Uploaded on Nov 8, 2011
We all have a story.
I chose to share mine with you :)
באוקטובר 2008 יצאתי מהארון.

I spoke with Idan Matalon over the phone from the offices of Moovz in Tel Aviv. Moovz—which can best be described as Facebook for gays – addresses not an Israeli need but a “global need,” Matalon told me, to “provide a space for gay people who otherwise don’t have a place to express themselves, to share their thoughts” and to meet other people and make friends. It has been particularly successful in Asia and Latin America—places, in other words, without public spaces for LGBT people.
Matalon, who started out as a YouTuber and is now also a columnist on LGBT issues for the news website Mako, told me about his experience of coming out to his parents. “It was very spontaneous, I didn’t expect to tell them,” he said. Living at the time in his family home in Gan Yavne near Ashdod, over dinner “I told my parents I was going to Tel Aviv with my girlfriends. I said I was driving and my mom asked why I was driving and why I always drove.” Over time, the tension built up over the table as Matalon tried to conceal what he was actually up to in Tel Aviv. Eventually he said, “I guess you have a gay son.”
After posting a version of his coming out story onto YouTube three years ago, Matalon received many responses from Israelis who has been through similar experiences. I asked him whether, based on these comments, he thought his coming out reflected the Israeli gay experience. “I have to say coming out was easier for me,” he said. “I got the support that I needed from my family and it was easier for me to express myself. Everyone was very accepting,” including his father who has since 
become very concerned about LGBT rights.

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