Through music, all peoples can come together, to make the world a more harmonious place. Thank you my friends from all over the world

Idan Matalon Presents: Clipsync around the world 

Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Teotihuacan, Bogota, Toronto, Seoul, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Tel Aviv Camerman: Dekel Lazimi Lev Gay Social NetworkAlso available on iOS and Android

המאזין מספר על היציאה מהארון - יוסי: "איך עומדים מול ההורים שבוכים על מי שאתה?"

המאזין מספר בובות הברבי בילדותו ועל ההבנה בגיל ההתבגרות שהוא הומו: "בגיל 17 התחלתי לחשוב איך אני אצטרך לשקר לאשתי" - כיצד סיפר להוריו ללא תכנון מוקדם? האזינו!

לשמיעת הראיון לחצו כאן

DWV gave fans and Moovz users the opportunity to check out a special 
live broadcast featuring the trio's greatest hits with a special a cappella and Q&A. - Global Gay Social Network

:The Teaser
: The full broadcast 

:Articles Around The World
Salvador Nunez, Mexico
He Said Magazine, United States
Mako, Israel
Gay List Daily, United States

Willam, Instagram
Willam, Instagram
Willam, Instagram
Willam, Instagram
Detox, Instagram
Detox, Instagram
Detox, Instagram
Vicky Vox, Instagram
Vicky Vox, Instagram
Vicky Vox, Instagram
Vicky Vox, Instagram
Vicky Vox, Instagram


Idan Matalon Presents:

Israeli YouTube sensation, Idan Matalon, offers Hebro and A Wider Bridge a welcome trailer for the Israel & Tel Aviv Pride trip that’s coming up in June.  The video was shot on the Hilton Tel Aviv gay beach. Watch and share

Rose Fostanes, The Grand Champion of X-Factor Israel teaches Idan Matalon how to speak and understand the Filipino language, Tagalog
In addition, Rose and Idan had a funny duet of one of Rose's song during the X-Factor competition entitled You and I

a very special exclusive interview with X-Factor winner Rose "Osang" Fostanes. The interview will be hosted by Gal Uchovsky and the panelists: Idan Matalon & Nona Chalant. The broadcast will entail questions about her personal life, her career, her X-Factor experience, her future plans and especially, her sexuality.

Only on

:Personal Invitation by Rose

:The Full Exclusive Interview

Moovz on the Israeli TV | Interview with Rose X-Factor winner

Article on Mako - Click Here 

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Filmmaker: Dekel Lazimi Lev
Producer: Idan Matalon

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